ntc central
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1. Processing and Issuance of Permits/Licenses for:
  • New/Renewal Fixed and Land Mobile services for Private and government stations.
  • New/Renewal Amateur Radio Service.
  • New/Renewal Maritime Radio Service.
  • New/Renewal Aeronautical Radio Service.
  • Renewal Radio Training Schools.
  • Renewal of Microwave, LEC, Radio and TV Stations.
  • Registration and New/Renewal of radio station license of TVRO stations.
  • Application for Modification of Radio Station License.
  • Permit to Sell/Transfer of radio communications equipment.
  • Permit to Transport radio communications equipment.
  • New/Renewal Manufacturer/Dealer of radio
  • ommunications equipment.
  • Registration of Value Added Service (VAS) Provider.
  • Accreditation of Customers Premises Equipment (CPE) Supplier/Dealer.
  • New/Renewal Radio Operators Certificate.
  • Renewal of Radio Station Licenses of Common Carriers Services.
  • New/Renewal of Mobile Phone Dealers, Retailers/Resellers and Service Centers.

Note: Information about Schedule of Fees

2. Conduct Seminars:
  • Restricted Land Mobile Radiotelephone Operators Permit.
  • Special Radio Operators Permit for Fishing Vessel
3. Receive and act on complaints RE:
  • Lost/Stolen Cellphones.
  • Radio Broadcasting Stations Practices.

Radio Training Schools
Value Added Services
Radio Operators Certificate
Common Carrier Services
Lost/Stolen Cellphones